The simplest (pump) pants ever

A free sewing pattern to sew a super-easy baby bloomers made of muslin – as upcycling

All the elegant and fashionable Designer Outfits in the world cannot replace the charm that an ethnic and traditional outfit exudes during festive occasions. Eid is just around the corner, Eid shopping is in full swing by men and women all over the world. With Eid's traditional spirit, most men would choose a fantastic Pathani suit for themselves.

With the various Designer Eid Pathani suits available in the markets or available online, choosing one among hundreds is really a daunting task. The right way to choose the right Pathani Outfit is to consider what works best instead of strictly following fashion trends. Pathni outfits with a single color, ie Kurta and Shalwar, both, in the same color would be good for shorter men who want to look taller. To make it look a bit interesting, monochrome Eid Pathani suits with a contrasting color or flat would relieve the sadness in a single color.

Alternatively, monochrome Eid outfits with embroidered contrasting design also look quite striking. However, taller men would look attractive in Eid Pathni outfits including Shalwar and Kurta in contrasting colors. Eid is the time to turn vibrant colors so Pathani fits in striking color combinations like blues and greens, maroons and greens, golden yellows and reds, blues and dark browns, etc. best suited for Eid. It is really important to take into account the fabric in Eid Pathani Outfit according to body type. Tall and skinny men would look fantastic in well-tailored Eid Pathani suits in stiff or thick fabrics such as Brocade costume, Jacquard suit, velvet suit, etc. While it is safe for broad and well-built men to stick to Eid Pathani suits in lighter fabrics such as light silk suits, silk cotton suits, cotton suits, etc. Choose the right Pathani outfit for this Eid and get ready to shower with compliments from friends and family .