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Beautiful shawls ... in today's fashion, the shawls are no longer just for grandchildren. If you've seen TV or read any trendy magazine at all, you know that many celebrities donate this reliable accessory and not just for practical purposes but to add a nice touch of style to their getup. There are actually several fresh styles to wear one that can hit your everyday clothes. If you are excited to try them, read on.

1. A very simple yet elegant way to wear your shawl is to wrap it around your neck as if you were making a scarf. This style keeps the neck warm and just letting the ends hang down from the shoulders makes the overall getup interesting. You can adjust the ends so that they are not even for a more relaxed look.

2. Another simple style is to wrap it in a way that it gathers at the elbows. This style is very sophisticated and is perfect when you have a shoulder-baring dress or top. To create this style, just place the shawl over the shoulder with both ends falling down the front. Then pull the fabric away from the shoulders and just let it thread at the elbows. This style is mainly designed as a fashion statement and will obviously not work if it is chilly as it leaves your shoulders bare.

3. The Shrug style is a great way to wear this accessory with a short dress or fitted tee. The style is similar to the above, with this you hold it wrapped over your shoulders and arms. The ends are tied on the back so the piece is secure and the tabs are out of your way.

4. If you need to keep warm and still want to look elegant, try the two styles to wear a shawl - the coat style and shawl.

To do the first thing, simply throw the garment ends over the shoulders and take them back to the front where you tie them in an ascot-style knot. This will create a small cape that looks great over a sweater or any shirt. It is sweet and provides warmth. To pull in the wrap, simply drape it over your shoulders and bring the full width of both ends in front of you before tying them together on the back. This style looks like you are wearing a cropped sweater.

5. You can also turn it into a skirt. Just wrap it around the waist and secure securely with a knot or clip. This looks cute over leggings or denims or to spice up a plain shirt.