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If you and a group of friends are looking for a group costume idea this Halloween, you may want to consider dressing up as Spice Girls. You can each take a look from this Girl Power group in the 90's and cradle some life in your party that is walking or cheating or treating. If you are the athletic type, a Sporty Spice Halloween suit would be perfect for you.

Sporty Spice & # 39; s real name is Melanie Chilsom, and her character was defined in a really athletic and fun loving style. If you are going to dress up as Sporty Spice this Halloween is one thing for sure, you will be out in some pretty comfortable clothes. For the most part, you will probably find that you already own everything you need.

Sporty clothes usually consisted of sports pants or shorts and fitted belly of a spandex type that reveals the tops. If you're heading outside, you can create the look with a coordinated belt suit so you can wear a jacket over the top of the sports bra type. The only thing left to complete your outfit is a pair of tennis shoes. These can be your own shoes .... no need for a special purchase at all. That's really all for a Sporty Spice suit as far as it goes.

Fixing your hair to make it look like Sporty Spice is also pretty easy. If you have long hair, you just need to pull it back to a high ponytail. Just add a hairline that matches your outfit. A Sporty Spice Halloween costume must always look good composed and stylish! If you have short hair, you need to buy a ponytail wig, or at least a long wig that you can hopefully design for a ponytail. Most online costume stores will have a selection of wigs to help you turn your shorter locks into a sporty ponytail.

The next step in your transformation is to add some temporary tattoos to your exposed areas. Sporty Spice always tried to be a little tough and athletic. Her bracelet tattoos were the most famous, but you can add some wherever you feel they would look good.

Your last task in creating a realistic and recognizable Sporty Spice Halloween costume is to put on a little sparkly makeup. Add some shimmer to your eyes, face and body to show off the more feminine side of your character. Finish with a glossy lip gloss and you're ready to rock out to your favorite parties or Halloween parties!