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The use of school uniforms is a controversial issue in many places. But their use has been carefully backed up by experts and parents alike as it leads to a higher degree of student success.

Experts indicate that the use of uniforms in schools also reduces the incidence of fighting and violent behavior in the school in general. They say that many fights are actually started in the subject of personal style, and that they remove the fights by removing that initiator.

The argument goes like this: Those who can't afford the best and most expensive styles are famous by those who can. The fashion that is challenged to tease and tease and sometimes get involved in schoolyard riots based on their clothes. This is unfortunate and unnecessary. And uniform policy removes this activity

Some say that uniforms make it easier to handle gang problems in schools. This is because without the use of properly threaded clothing, threading conditions are easier to handle.

Students who wear their uniforms are sometimes also required by policy to be at their best behavior no matter where they are. This affects their behavior outside of school hours as long as they wear their school uniform. Some parents and teachers indicate that this has positive consequences all the time because of just such a policy.

Of course, uniforms also remove one of the primary distractions of the school day, namely messages and images printed on t-shirts. It also removes trashy or revealing clothing and reduces the impetus to turn the school day into a devastating fashion show as students versus student.

The uniform is also worlds that are easier to manage than keeping up with the latest trend. And it is also cheaper. A student can only keep a wardrobe full of uniform clothes and not deal with the cost and organizational hassle of dealing with a constantly rotating role of shirts, skirts and pants.

And choosing a uniform is much easier and less time consuming than choosing a regular outfit. And uniforms can be reused ad nauseum. They can be handed over to siblings or given to other families who need clothing for school.